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Sep 29 2015

security cameras

Local news stations are posting out CCTV footage captured on security camera dvr’s.  Do these video’s help catch the criminals?  Most of the videos captured are grainy and do not have a high enough resolution to hold up in court.  If the criminal does not have a clear enough picture of their face, who is to say that it is truly them?  Many can argue that if they know the suspect, that they can tell who they are by their mannerisms, but are mannerisms enough?  While most will say no, it could be a conviction if presented correctly to the jury.

Sep 24 2015

online hobbies

It isn’t often that we cover part of the hobbyist communities. We will today.  Learning to play an instrument is not only a hobby of mine, but many Americans.  As guitarist, albeit not that good of one, I found my self searching for some online guitar training.  I did find quite a bit of free content out there, and it was great.  With so many places to choose from, I found a site that worked for me, as well as being legitimate, and the largest trainer online.  Guitar tricks was the place for me.  So for anyone looking for a great online teacher, check them out.

Sep 22 2015

tax laws

With the year wrapping up it is time to start thinking ahead.  If you are a company or an individual in the USA you have to file at least one time a year.  Even though it is months away, it is always better to start preparing early.  If you are behind on taxes and need IRS help you may need a certified tax attorney. If your taxes are not correctly filed you could face large penalties.  These penalties can compound the debit that you owe exponentially.  We suggest watching this video for more information on the subject.

Sep 22 2015

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Sep 18 2015

Legal advice

Sep 16 2015

marketing online

Online marketing of products and services must be transparent.  If you have an online business make sure to follow a few guidelines.  When hiring a search engine marketing company, or search engine marketing service, make sure they are from your country.  Many over seas companies are not familiar with US law.  Before you hire a SEO company.  Watch this video.


Sep 9 2015

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