marketing your website online

Making a webpage is easy enough, but how do you get it found online.  We have used a few different methods.  The easiest method is to outsource your marketing to a trusted online marketing seo company after you have verified that your site is w3 complaint.  For our example we will use how we marketed to the Oklahoma area.  We first looked for a reputable company in that state.  We used a few different search terms to find them.  Here are a few of the examples we used.  Oklahoma city seo facebook page, Oklahoma city seo youtube page, and Oklahoma city seo yelp page

We found that most of the results for Facebook, Youtube, and Yelp that where on the first page where pretty good companies.  We sometimes even look at page two.  Why look at page two, if you are needing your company to get higher than page two?  In our experience, some of the larger companies don’t even try to market their local SEO service.  Don’t over look companies on page two, give them a try as well.

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